Gold Canyon is a product based company that creates and manufactures some of the finest candle fragrances and accessories. Known for their powerful scents, their customers were begging for a flameless option. The challenge was to create a product that would deliver continuous, long-lasting fragrance that met their high safety standards and would reflect their customer’s unique tastes and style.

After five years of development, dozens of design concepts, seemingly endless fragrance evaluations and thousands of hours in testing, Scentric™ was born. Scentric delivers a subtle fragrance 24/7 and truly puts scent at the center of the home.

Social media played a pivotal role in the launch. The Scentric Sweepstakes took over Gold Canyon’s Facebook page. Entrants could win one of two Scentric units given away daily simply by completing an entry form. They earned extra entries by sharing the campaign with their Facebook friends.

We also ran a teaser campaign on their Facebook and Instagram pages featuring fragrance hints to further the excitement with their customer base.

The Results

  • Scentric’s success far exceeded our expectations in every way.
  • Scentric’s debut achieved 70% of a three-month sales goal in three weeks!
  • In fact, the number one fragrance, Cinnamon Vanilla, achieved 92.6% of the quarterly sales goal.

In less than two months on the market, Scentric was trending to become one of the top selling fragrance delivery systems for Gold Canyon and continues to deliver strong sales. The Scentric Sweepstakes Facebook contest generated over 600,000 total views in one week and over 2,500 new fans becoming their most successful social media campaign to date.

"Jessie is so easy to work with. She has an uncanny ability to embody abstract concepts andgoals in concrete, effective design targeted toward unique demographics. Her designs for our Facebook campaign skyrocketed our page engagement from averaging 20,000 views per post to over 60,000 views per post. We had a 352% week over week increase in page views the first week her design launched. Possibly the most telling aspect of her work is that the campaign concept was communicated in a passing conversation and she had complete design waiting in my email before I even got back to my desk. Her talent is undeniable and the passion and cleverness portrayed in her work is consistently refreshing."
RACHEL LANDUA, Social Media Specialist
Gold Canyon