Partnering with Blissful Media Group, Karo Syrup and Fleischmann's Yeast, I was tasked with creating a yearlong e-cookbook detailing recipes from the best food and recipe bloggers on the web. These hand selected bloggers created a series of original recipes and seasonal content using Karo Syrup and Fleischmann's Yeast products for a branded e-cookbook.

A new download was available each month that was accompanied by a recipe post from each blogger. 60 blog posts were created all linking back to the Become a Better Baker campaign. This generated 78.5 million impressions across several social avenues.

The Results:

  • E-cookbook Received:
  • 13,500 Unique visitors
  • 193,000 Unique page views
  • 341,000 Page views

Campaign Totals:

  • 20M Aggregate Unique Monthly Visitors
  • 225 Social shares by influencers provided added reach of 18.5M social followers.
"I love working with Jessie. She's a graphic designer with a head for marketing so she has been proactive and intuitive when it comes to the projects we've worked on together. I also find her easy to communicate with and there's no ego when it comes to making design suggestions. She's an excellent 'client translator' with an incredibly positive point of view."
BARBARA JONES, Founder / CEO Blissful Media Group & One2One Network